• Hair Color: Red/Orange
  • Likes: Plants, pets, performing. Getting lost in the woods or in a good song
  • Dislikes: Unadventurous/closed-minded people. Also bananas
  • Interested In: Psychology, human sexuality, good conversations over great champagne
  • Playlist: Mostly alternative, metal, & indie, but my tastes are all over the board. Variety is the spice of life and all
  • Work Schedule: I am consistently inconsistent. Like a cryptid emerging from the forest, when I’m going to pop up next is forever a mystery :)

  • BIO
    I think the descriptor I get most often is “spunky.” I’m sassy and silly and like to have fun. But a conversation that holds my interest can keep me still for a bit. Talk nerdy to me if you really want to win me over

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